Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Smoked Out Wedding Reception

When you are sitting at the table with your vendors saying yes to all those great deals they are throwing at you in an effort to coax you into signing the dotted line, it can on occasion be difficult to imagine the downside of those seemingly magnanimous offerings. In this case the couple got a great deal on some party lighting and a smoke machine. The lighting looked pretty amateurish when caught in the photographers frame, and need much be said about how the smoke machine spoiled any chance of creative photography, not to mention the incessant ear piercing shrill of the buildings Smoke Detectors. Don't waste money on cheap frills; instead get your vendor to discount some up-lighting. Photographers love this kind of illumination as it raises the ambient light which makes for better images at your reception.

ITM Photos Testimonial

Nicole and David are an example of a couple that made my work straightforward and enjoyable. In fact their entire family were very easy going. Here’s why. This wedding took place on October 29th 2011, the day of the freak blizzard snow storm on the East Coast. I left the studio four hours early for obvious reasons and arrived at the hotel in good time even though the roads were reacherous and trees were falling and taking power lines down with them. Upon arrival the hotel lost power several times before the Backup Generator finally engaged. In the end most of the guests arrived along with the officiate to the joy of Dave and Nicole, and they became one.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Groom Robs Ring Bearer"

Well not quite...
After all the formal pictures are over we like to have a little fun though.