Confessions of a 2nd shooter - (March 2013)

So this week Neil Anthony, (that's me), had the opportunity to be a second shooter. This is notable because I can focus more on story-telling creativity while the primary photographer does al the ‘Heavy Lifting’. Here we have a couple of shots of the happy couple finishing up their first dance.


Here are friends and family watching the Bride and Groom. Perhaps the three ladies are remembering when the newly weds were babes in their arms.

Surprisingly, these two boys are showing a good amount of interest; this caught my eye as usually boys this young are thinking about their iPads.

The story continues with the bride dancing with her daddy. Look closely at dad’s face; see what his expression tells you, then look at the brides expression in the next image below.

Their expressions tell you that there was a lot of love in this family.

Here is the groom with an incredibly big smile on his face watching his new wife dance with her father. This is unusual too as I don't often see a groom so engaged in this part of the event.

Now it’s the turn of the groom and his mother. Again you see in their natural story-telling expressions; another happy family.

And of course, the bride taking it all in along with another family member in the next image below.

Watching the Groom and his mother during their first dance.

Grandma and the bride. This is always one of my favorite sights at a wedding.

Arguably one of the most important attendees at a wedding: An Ambassador of Christ, Father Neil, who incidentally was quite happy that he and I shared the same name. Here he is praying at dinner. Perhaps his presence at this wedding tells a lifelong story about the genuine happy expressions we saw in the pictures.



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