Our first wedding of 2014, Denise and John.

While we have been quite busy on the commercial side of our business, we have been lookng forward to getting back into the wedding scene. So here are a few images from our first 2014 wedding.

The bridesmaids were in a party mood from the very beginning.
As always, I loved photographing the wedding gown. It's always amazing to see the dress take shape once the bride puts it on.
This close-up picture of the ring was photographed on top of a bench.
These shoes had a good amount of weight to them so I figured they must have cost a few dollars.
The flowers were pretty heavy too; even the bride was surprised at how heavy they were.
The garter was very lacey. I love lace.
Here she is. This lady was among the sweetest women I have met in my profession as a photographer.
The groom and his friends had me in stitches the whole time I was with them.
Nice job on the chairs.
There was a lot of tears shed at this wedding. Lookout for our next blog on emotional moments.
Here comes the bride.
The Officiate did a great job including God and Jesus Christ in the marriage of this couple.
Later we photographed a few pictures of the couple alone.
Here is Denise and John during their first dance together after the ceremony.
Dancing with dad turned out to be a very emotional moment for everyone.
Mom too.

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