Changing The Perspective

Most weddings follow a similar pattern and the expectations as far as photography is concerned are almost identical. What in many ways makes photography an art and also keeps me as a photographer from becoming mundane is to change perspective. This is more often than not achieved by using the things around you.

This couple put together what some might refer to as a 'budget wedding'. Indeed the event did not have 'all' of the lavish trimmings most have come to expect these days, but what they did have in overflowing abundance, were incredible friends who clearly supported their relationship and left me with the impression that they will be there during the tough times. The venue itself wasn't in my opinion 'picturesque' but there were certainly some great spots to be found with expert composition of the most important photos of the couple while the were alone.

I have long been a fan of capturing what might appear to be a voyeuristic perspective of the bride and groom romancing each other. Pictures like this one, makes use of the surrounding foliage, adding dimension to wedding  photos resulting in a most welcome difference to the usual 'posed looking square into the camera' shot that you find on the internet.

You will always get a picture of the brides gown, why not throw in one like this to add to her memories of the fleeting wedding day.

 Here we have something completely different. If you know how to use your camera then you can break the rules of light and exposure to achieve a shot like this. The bride is standing in front of a window with sunlight streaming in. You set the camera to over expose the incoming light and use your flash to compensate for what will now become an under exposed interior and voila, you have a unique perspective not easily achieved by someone with less experience.

Many times the groom or the best man have the rings in their possession making it impossible to include in the photos taken of the flowers, jewelry, shoes etc. while in the bridal suite with the girls. So what do you do, find the best man right before everything begins, ask him to hold the rings and then grab a quick but very creative shot, (yellow flowers in the background) while everyone is waiting for the procession to begin. (You gotta be quick though).
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