Sunday, March 15, 2015

The best compliment I have ever had for my work.

In around 40 seconds or so you will be able to get a tasty bite of what we've been photographing in the last 10 years. I first showed this clip during a meeting to 35-40 business men and women. Later I received the best compliment I have ever had. One of the marketing business people asked me, "how do we know you didn't just buy a bunch of stock images and claimed them to be your own? Well I understood why he would think this as he uses stock photos as part of his business. After a brief moment of thought, I thanked him for questioning my work, as from his perspective my work is good enough to be sold on the stock photography market.

Neil Anthony

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sit back and take five minutes to see some of my favorite shots.

We don't just shoot weddings. Neil Anthony of ‘In The Moment Photography, (ITM Photos) also creates commercial marketing material at 21st Century Digital. His clearly conveyed creative vision in the business arena always results in authoritative imagery.

Whether at a wedding or commercial event, Neil Anthony captures true expressions, by being reactive to fleeting moments, a creator of non staged interactions, and a reporter of unfolding events.


The 'BIG'

Are you ready for the 'BIG'

Apparently he is and he's not even the groom. 

Clearly this lovely bride is ready to do it all over again.

He's all done.
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